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Village Locksmith Store Irvine, CA 949-705-4071Driving a whole day can take a toll on you. It’s natural to park on the side of the road to take a stroll. But in your haste to get out your car and stretch your legs, you may sometimes lock your keys in the car. You are not the first one to have locked keys in car and you are also not the last one. But you can be the smart one and call your nearest locksmith.Village Locksmith Store is always the closest locksmith to your location no matter where you are in Irvine, CA.

Make the right choice:

A person who has locked their car keys inside the car has only a handful of options at their disposal. Either they can break the glass, call their car dealer or call a professional locksmith. The first option will leave you with replacement costs and risk of injury; the second one will be expensive and will make you wait for hours. The only reliable solution in such a case is calling the nearest locksmith. Village Locksmith Store is one such firm known for opening car locks non-destructively and that too at a fraction of a cost that your car maker will charge.

Retrieval VS new key creation

Most locksmiths know that a helpless customer will agree to almost everything in order to gain access to their car. So instead of expertly opening the car lock, they will suggest breaking it open so that they can then charge you for repairs or in some cases installation of a new entry door lock.

But with Village Locksmith Store you won’t get such a treatment. Anytime you have locked keys in car you don’t have to worry about paying for any other thing other than lock opening. Our locksmiths will open the car door without damaging the car or the lock and you will be easily able to retrieve the keys and be on your way.

Get new keys made on-the-spot

Sometimes the mechanism of a car lock doesn’t allow opening of the lock without the use of a proper key. Hence when every other unlocking procedure fails, Village Locksmith Store’s technician end up crafting a new key on the spot. Our team has years of experience in the locksmith industry and they are the best when it comes to making new car keys.

You don’t have to worry anymore if you have locked keys in car. Call us on 949-705-4071 and we will unlock your car in a matter of minutes.