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At this moment you are probably caught in a difficult situation, being locked out of your car, office or home, and are desperately typing  ‘nearest Locksmith’ in your search engine, searching for an emergency locksmith service provider. You have hit upon the right answer to your problem!

Village Locksmith Store is a trusted name in Irvine for nearly a decade. Our range of services includes 24/7 emergency locksmith assistance to suit the requirements of our clients’ residential, business and commercial needs. We consider it our duty to serve you during a crisis at any time of the day or night, including holidays, because we understand that a crisis can come unexpectedly, at any time, and to anyone. We not only provide you help in dealing with some of the common issues people face every day, such as car lockout, trunk lockout or a home lockout, but also for complex issues involving high-level security issues.
Village Locksmith Store Irvine, CA 949-705-4071Many highly skilled locksmiths have joined the ranks of Village Locksmith Store, because they take pride in being considered amongst the best locksmiths in Irvine, CA. Each member of our staff is a trained, professional locksmith. Moreover, they continuously undertake training to work with new tools and join learning programs to gain knowledge about the latest innovations in the industry. As a result, they have the capabilities to respond to different kinds of demanding and complex locksmith requirements with the most sophisticated and innovative solutions available today. Our staff is required to register with us and undergo stringent programs to meet our exacting standards, so that they can maintain our high reputation in the market as one of the foremost yet affordable locksmith specialists in this industry. We can confidently assure you that Village Locksmith Store is one of the best and also the most-affordable locksmith service provider in Irvine, CA area.

So, if you ever get into sticky situations and are looking for a trustworthy, yet cheap locksmith, you know who to get in touch with!

Emergency Locksmith Services

Village Locksmith Store specializes in emergency locksmith services. Our team of professional locksmith technicians is committed to resolving your problem 24/7. You are assured of an extremely quick response because our staff is empowered with mobile locksmith units that allow them to quickly access your vehicle, home or business. Wherever you are in Irvine, CA area and anytime you require lock & key services, Village Locksmith Store is ready to assist you!

Security Professionals

At Village Locksmith Store we not only provide you with help during emergencies, you can also get in touch with us for any security advice as well. We offer comprehensive and advanced locking systems that can help take commercial and home security to the next level.  Our staff is one of the most experienced, well-trained security professionals in the industry today. They offer advanced locking measures which you can adopt to enhance security in your residence or commercial facility, which could result in a lower insurance cost for you. The advice provided improves your overall security, making companies and residents less vulnerable to external and internal threats.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Many people are not sure about the role a locksmith fulfills.  It’s a combination of a craft and a trade that requires a lot of preparation prior to working in the field. An apprenticeship program and other extensive education have to be undertaken by a professional locksmith. Some of which includes a complete engineering certification, which imparts knowledge to the technicians about the specialized services required to function in the industry. Key duplication or lock repairs are not a locksmith’s primary job. A locksmith does a lot more! A great deal of knowledge in advanced locking techniques and key control systems are required to be competitive in the ever-evolving world of security management. All of Village Locksmith Store’s locksmiths have the requisite knowledge and skill to resolve anything from a simple lockout to installation of high-security locks.  

For a reliable, 24-hour locksmith near you, give Village Locksmith Store a call and feel a world of difference!

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